2021 Events

This is a list of Friend’s programs and programs sponsored by other friends of nature and the environment. The schedule is always a work-in-progress. Please check back frequently for any changes. If you would like to help with any of these events please contact the Friends.

We often recommend programs at Samuels Public Library which are held at the Library, 330 E. Criser Rd., Front Royal.

January 1 – First Day Hike.  2021’s hike was fantastic! We’ll be back next year but be healthy and hike often.

January 28 – 6-7:30 pm – Emergency Preparedness. At Samuels Library with Rick Farrall

January 30 – 6-7:30 pm – Hiking Through Winter Wonderlands. At Samuels Library with Susan Tschirhart and Golda Liebler