Visitors Center Garden Rehab Off The Ground

Thanks to a new grant from the Garden Club of Virginia, the Park has embarked on a needed rehab of the native plant garden that welcomes visitors. The Park’s Friends group began work on the garden in 2011, shortly after the visitor’s center was opened. Over the years invasive plants have done as they will, additions were made somewhat haphazardly, and maintenance got put off to more pressing projects. By fall of 2018 it was obvious that a major overhaul would be beneficial to all.

Overgrown in 2018

The Garden Club of Warren County, pleased with the ongoing success of the Parks pollinator meadow project, suggested applying for a second grant from the Garden Club of Virginia to get the project moving. The application was filed and in January 2019 the project was approved. Work began almost immediately with pruning and weeding. In May path lighting was upgraded from often-not-working solar to low-voltage LED. In June the stepping stones (a nice natural pathway but more-often-than-not ignored resulting in muddy dirt paths) to the garden’s two Koi viewing benches were replaced with stone dust paths. Park staff has done most of the heavy lifting.

Drew finishes new path

Periodic weeding has continued and in late June an energetic group of young ladies from the Langley School (McLean, VA) kicked off replanting of native perennials and shrubs. More planting days will be scheduled when we see what thrives and what

Langley School helps plant

doesn’t. As funding allows, garden work will also be done at the Park entry station and around the restrooms in the day-use area.

Stay tuned to see the garden grow.

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