Thanks to a grant from the Garden Club of Virginia, the Park embarked on a rehab of the native plant garden that welcomes visitors. We got a whole lot done this year and the garden will be fantastic this spring.

Work began in early 2019 with pruning and weeding. In May path lighting was upgraded from often-not-working solar to low-voltage LED.

Drew finishes new path

In June the stepping stones (a nice natural pathway but more-often-than-not ignored resulting in muddy dirt paths) to the garden’s two Koi viewing benches were replaced with stone dust paths.

Signage was installed recognizing the generosity of the Garden Club of Virginia and the work of the many groups and individuals who have made it happen.

Periodic weeding continued (several individuals doing community service hours were a considerable help) and in late June an energetic group of young ladies from the Langley School (McLean, VA) kicked off replanting of native perennials and shrubs.

Langley School helps plant

The Garden Club of Warren County, Park Friends, and Park staff continued planting in July. Several of the Club members contributed plants from their home gardens. A new garden shed to house tools was purchased and installed. A new trellis was built and installed to host a Trumpet Honeysuckle (Lonicera sempervirens). Very dry conditions gave us a challenge in keeping new plants alive – after a lot of work we think most will survive.

WC Garden Club takes a break

In late September a crew began replanting at the day-use rest room area. Several new trees and shrubs will make a big difference to Park users.

Day use planting crew

Work is presently underway to create new pathways to the several picnic areas that adjoin the Visitor Center. These will have wood borders and stone dust fill like the paths to the Koi pond. This work should be completed before spring.

In the spring we will evaluate plantings and replace and add where needed. We will install educational signage to identify plants and give a little information about them and the animals they attract.

Thanks to all who have helped – The Garden Club of Virginia, the Garden Club of Warren County, the Friends of Shenandoah River State Park, Burner Electrical Service, Fort Valley Nursery, Hill House Nursery, our fantastic Park Staff, and many individuals. We will be looking for your continued help this spring.


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