“We’re dreaming of a green trail that’s safe and peaceful…”

Samuels Public Library Presents – Shenandoah Valley Rail Trail Partnership

Tuesday, September 14 – 6:00 PM – Virtual

Link:  https://samuelslibrary.librarymarket.com/events/shenandoah-valley-rail-trail-partnership

Come learn about this exciting new initiative.  The Shenandoah Valley Rail Trail Partnership is an unincorporated coalition of public, private and non-profit organizations along the proposed Shenandoah Valley Rail Trail that have come together with the vision of transforming an unused single-track railroad corridor from Broadway to Front Royal into a multi-use almost 50-mile trail re-connecting communities, businesses, schools and many local cultural and historic resources. Rail corridors are an important part of our near and distant past, with the origins story of this corridor through the Valley dating all the way back to pre-Civil War 1850. As it stands, the right-of-way, in an unused state, is the very worst use of the land and doesn’t honor its past importance in the bordering communities’ vitality. Imagine the corridor rebirthed as a connection between important historic and iconic natural resources and an opportunity to keep its history alive for generations to come. This trail would be first and foremost for our community. Imagine a short, scenic stroll from your backyard to your nearest town for coffee and a local pastry. Or a long, primarily car-free, cycle three towns over for a well-earned lunch. Or if you work close (or even far!), a pedestrian friendly commute.

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