EARTH DAY 2022 – BioBlitz

SUNDAY APRIL 24th 2022 – ALL DAY EVENT starting at 9AM

This all-day event kicks off with refreshments and a short introduction at the Massanutten Shelter. Then, participants will be free to explore the park at their leisure until we close at dusk. The parking fee will be waived for participants.

A BioBlitz event is a period of intense biological observation to record all living species within a designated area. We encourage everyone with any level of interest and expertise in wildlife to participate; the more the merrier. During this time spring ephemeral wildflowers will be in bloom and a beautiful spectacle to witness, so it’s a great time to just get out and explore the park.

Participants are encouraged to download the iNaturalist smartphone app ( where they will upload their observations. All observations will then automatically be aggregated to an event-specific project page. By following this project page, participants can learn what organisms live in the park. Those without a smartphone are still encouraged to come out and enjoy the park and the wildlife within it.


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