Volunteer Opportunities at

Shenandoah River State Park

Do you love beautiful scenery, getting fresh air, and that great feeling after a hard day’s work? How would you like to meet friends, learn a new skill, and work together as part of a project team?

We need volunteers to help keep our park great!

Today’s volunteers are dynamic, creative, energetic people. Through their enthusiasm, abilities and concern, a wide variety of tasks can be accomplished. Volunteers are people who care about Shenandoah River State Park such as:

  • Civic organizations
  • Scouting groups
  • Corporations wishing to contribute to resource management needs of their communities
  • College students
  • Retired persons
  • Individuals

Opportunities are available across the park for a variety of projects and roles.

Adopt-A-Trail Adopt a specific location and commit to maintaining it, preferably for 1 year
Bluebird Monitor Monitor, maintain, and keep records on bluebird boxes
Building / Cleaning Birdhouses Build, install, and clean bird, owl, bat houses
Contact Ranger Provide 1st point of contact for park visitors at the Contact Station. Collect entrance fees and give information.
Design Outreach Programs Create / present interpretive / educational programs for park guests, school groups
Floral Species Inventory Conduct a floral species inventory and location guide
Friends of Shenandoah River State Park Administration Serve as a director / officer of the park Friends group and help with planning these and other programs and events
Gardening Assist with maintaining the planting at the Visitor’s Center or elsewhere. Weeding and new planting as needed
Interpreter Assistant Help interpreters with park programs and activities, including campfire talks, nature hikes, educational wildlife games, caring for small animals
Junior Ranger Assistant Assist with the planning and development of the summer Junior Ranger program, including the recruitment of educators
Newspaper / eNews Write for a park newspaper / state wide eNews. Sell advertising for the park paper
Photographer Take pictures of the park and park activities
River Cleanup Canoe the river removing trash. Sponsored each September by the Friends and local canoe companies
Vernal Pool Monitor Assist with amphibian surveys and data collection
Youth Ambassador Young people, ages 16-26, use technology to capture and share activities, people and scenes. Also network with ambassadors across the state to represent and promote all parks
More volunteer opportunities at:  http://www.dcr.virginia.gov/state-parks/volunteers